Invision Community (IPS)
We provide IPS install, setup, theme editing, module and application install and setups. Contact us through our Support Department for a quote.

Social Media Management
We can manage your Social Media accounts for you. This could include any or all of the following: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We will be able to help with other platforms that you or your business also use.

Custom Web Design:
We provide custom web design for both personal and business clients.
We work with HTML5, PHP, CSS, WordPress, and much more.
We do not have a set price for web designing. This is due to the amount of work involved and what the needs of the website are. Contact us through our Support Department for a quote.

Web Management Services:
Our web management services offer minor updates and regular security and system checks on a clients website. Security checks are done twice weekly. Minor updates are done at the request of the client. Major and Urgent updates to a website may involve extra costs, which will be discussed prior to any work being done.

We have 3 web management plans. All packages include the same services but are rated on a period of time that the client requests the service for.

Plan: 3 Months
Cost: $90 ($30 per month)

Plan: 6 Months
Cost: $150 ($25 per month)

Plan: 12 Months
Cost: $270 ($22.50 per month)

Web Hosting
We offer cheap, quality and affordable web hosting.

Domain Registration
We provide domain registration for your website.

Domain Renewal
After 12 months your domain name will expire. Hydra Web Services can arrange renewal of your domain name prior to it being removed from the internet. Once you have an established domain name, you want to keep it. That is how your family, friends, clients and visitors know exactly where to find you online.

Consult Fees
Hydra Web Services charges a Standard Consult Fee for meetings during normal operating hours, being Monday to Thursday between the hours of 9am and 5pm and Saturday between 10am and 2pm.

Hydra Web Services charges an After Hours Consult Fee for meetings outside normal operating hours or at any time on Saturday or Sunday.

Our consult fees are charged in blocks of 30 or 60 minutes. A PayPal Invoice will be generated for this fee within 24 hours of the meeting taking place. This few is for all meetings, whether it is held online or in person.  

PayPal 2.6% Fee
Hydra Web Services is charged a 2.6% processing fee by PayPal. We must pass this fee onto our customers. You will notice on your Invoice a PayPal Fee of 2.6%. This has been approved by Hydra Web Services Management to pass onto our customers. Thank you for your understanding in this matter. 

Note: All costs quoted or associated with Hydra Web Services are in United States Dollars (USD).

Any work performed outside of normal business hours (Mon – Thurs 9am to 5pm (AEST – GMT+10) and Sat 10am to 2pm (AEST – GMT +10), no matter the plan or current services you are being provided (unless stated otherwise in your contract) will result in an after-hours fee being charged and an extra payment for work provided outside normal business hours. Failure to pay for said service may result in the termination of all current services being provided to you until such time as payment is made. This is not negotiable and payment will be required at time of contact and prior to work being done after-hours.