Web Host Change

Hydra Web Services has recently had to change our web host due to a major price increase from cPanel for the use of their website admin control panel. This has caused many people to move away from using cPanel as the price increase was drastic and it has caused some division within the web hosting industry.

Within days of moving to our new host the area they are located in, in the United States, was hit by a tornado causing power and datacenter cooling issues. As a result, all power within the datacenter had to be shut down. So this caused our website and emails to all be down for approx. 22 hours whilst they worked hard on restoring all services. This issue has now been fully resolved and everything has now been stable for several days since coming back online.

Our main site and emails are fully working. However, as at the time of posting this, our HelpDesk and Community Forums are still offline whilst we are currently working on some issues with the change. We are currently awaiting our web host to import one database, which is a little large, so our community forum can come back online. We are also awaiting to hear back from the developer of our HelpDesk due to a major install issue as we have had to change the software we use for our HelpDesk.

These two issues are currently being worked on and we hope to have both systems back online in the coming days. We will keep you posted through our social media accounts and now the blog on our website.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you, but this has been an issue outside of our control.